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mfLogger - .NET Micro Logger Framework... a tiny logging framework for the .net micro framework less powerful than the logging frameworks for the big .net framework, like log4j or nlog, but more than nothing or the built-in logging features (Debug.Print(...)).

concept(/ principles):

- 4 different trace-levels
debug||trace (special level: will always be written, even if the configured trace-level is higher)
- central (for all appenders) configurable trace-level
- nevertheless every appender should have his own trace-level
- ONE centralized-rolling-log-message-cache with configurable size and descending sorted list by date
- extendable/ customized logging strategies implementable
- default appenders implementation
- DebugAppender
- HttpAppender (human readable)
- FileAppender
- rssAppender (without network configuration and mapping abilities)
- with the requirement of optional use (own assembly), caus there the mfXmlSerializer have to be referenced
- full exception information tracing (Stacktrace and Date and including recursive InnerException('s) tracing)


- message logging with centralized (fixed) cachesize, to restrict memory allocation
- no garanteed (100%) message logging, just the messages in the cache are available for the appenders, depending on there implementation (e.g.: persistence FileAppender persistence period), caus the controller operational ability is more important and logging costs performace.

recommended logging strategy foreach level, use:

- DEBUG-level 4:
- method entering/ successing (not too extensive!, it all costs performance)
- value logging
- INFO-level 4:
- important success steps
- WARNING-level 4:
- expected (not optimal, but furthermore operational) states, e.g.: the use of default-values, instead of a parameterized value
- ERROR-level 4:
- expected and unexpected occured exceptions

deployment space:

~145 KB mfLogger (including reference(s): System-References System.IO and Microsoft.SPOT.IO, mfXmlSerializer, mfRcf Testcode)


v.1.0 (28.02.2014):
initial (running) state
v.1.1 (17.04.2014)
minor changes in logger itself, but back-merge mfXmlSerializer & mfRcf done

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